Consumer demand generation

Our programme objectives are to

  1. Motivate healthy choices by addressing consumers’ emotional tensions.
  2. Provide practical support that makes it easier to practice healthy diets everyday, including promotion at point-of-sale and labelling.
  3. Build a supportive food culture that favours healthy and sustainable diets through the Food Culture Alliance, a multi-stakeholder initiative co-established by GAIN, EAT and the Global Business School Network that seeks to shift food preferences and increase society’s demand for nutritious and sustainable foods.


We will achieve our programme objectives by

  1. Using the Emotivate™ approach to solve the emotional tensions parents face for feeding nutritious meals.
  2. Designing point-of-sale promotion that improves purchase frequency of nutritious foods among low-income consumers. Use consumer-friendly labelling systems that nudge towards better choices.
  3. Deploying an action framework and operating model to deploy society-wide food culture interventions through the Food Culture Alliance.

To learn how we deploy Emotivate to motivate consumers and provide practical support at point-of-sale for vegetable purchases, see projects in Kenya, Benin and Uganda. 

On the horizon is a new project to determine how we can create demand among rural households who are both producers and consumers of food.

Further resources

Learn more here about the science and theories that have informed our overall approach.
To learn more about labelling that helps consumer make better choices read our discussion paper and convening paper.

  • Benin
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria (ENSAND - eggs only)

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