Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition (I‑CAN)

I‑CAN aims to catalyse climate action for nutrition benefits, and nutrition action for climate benefits

About the programme:

In 2022, GAIN began to implement a new generation of large projects targeting the entire value chain for selected nutrient-dense foods.

I-CAN was launched in 2022 during COP27 by the Presidency of Egypt, and is co-chaired by Egypt and GAIN, with core partners including WHO, FAO and the SUN movement. I-CAN gained significant attention in 2023, being featured at various high-level international events and mentioned by the Director-Generals of both WHO and FAO during COP28 in Dubai. In 2024, I-CAN will focus on providing national-level support to country governments.

Five Pillars of Action to Unlock the Potential of I-CAN in 2024:

  1. Strengthening National Policies and Plans: I-CAN will focus on delivering targeted and tailored support at the country level, complementing national policies, plans and strategies. Examples of this include working with governments to integrate more nutrition considerations into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) or integrating more climate considerations into national nutrition plans.
  2. Building a Strong Alliance: I-CAN aims to advance joint actions across countries and regions, connecting countries who are leaders in this space. We will support in building and executing multi-year engagement strategies with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) process.
  3. Improving Data on Integrated Action: As shown from the I-CAN 2023 baseline report, data and evidence on integrated climate and nutrition action is currently lacking. I-CAN will help drive research and monitoring efforts in this area, tracking progress to 2030 and beyond.
  4. Mobilising Finance and the Private Sector: Financing is lagging behind policy, with private sector integration being one of the lowest performing areas in the space. I-CAN will work to unlock joint financing for climate and nutrition from Development Finance Institutions and private sector actors.
  5. Becoming the ‘Go-To’ Place for Amplifying Efforts: I-CAN's ambition is to become the top platform for promoting, connecting, and advancing all efforts to improve climate and nutrition action.



Please click here to read the key findings and full pdf of the I-CAN 2023 baseline report, which highlights the current state of integration between climate change and nutrition across a range of indicators, including in action, data and evidence, policies, and investments.

The Executive Summary of the I-CAN baseline report is available also in French, Spanish and Arabic.

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