Global Diet Quality Project

The Global Diet Quality Project aims to establish the architecture and data necessary for monitoring diet quality on a global scale.

The project has developed a reliable and feasible method for data collection, along with a suite of diet quality indicators that encompass both nutrient adequacy and the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). As of 2024, it has adapted and translated its 5-minute questionnaire, the Diet Quality Questionnaire (DQQ), for use in over 120 countries and has collected nationally representative data in 85 countries across all continents, representing 85% of the global population. The Global Diet Quality Project is a partnership between Gallup, Harvard University, and GAIN.

Motivation and Aims

This project aims to collect dietary quality data in the general adult population across countries worldwide, and to provide the tools for valid and feasible diet quality monitoring within countries. The project enables the collection of consistent, comparable dietary data across countries for the first time.

All data are collected in the Gallup World Poll. The DQQ was administered in national probability-based samples of civilian, non-institutionalized individuals of any gender, aged 15 and older. Data collection occurred either using face-to-face or telephone surveys. Country-specific details of data collection can be found here. The Gallup World Poll is the only survey in the world that covers more than 98% of the world's adult population through annual, nationally representative surveys with comparable metrics across countries.


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