GAIN Interview Cruncher Series

What is needed to fix the food systems? What is a 'smart market'? How can women become 'actors of change' within food systems? And how are we going to 'build forward better' following the COVID-19 pandemic? These and much more are just examples of what the GAIN Interview Cruncher tackle.

In the lead up to the UN Food System Summit and the Nutrition for Growth event and on the frame of the race to reach SDGs by 2030, we hear a lot of new initiatives and projects being carried out to ensure Zero Hunger to become a memory of the past and no one to be left behind.

In this context, what are organisations like GAIN doing to tackle the malnutrition challenge and what are the latest innovations being brought to the table? The era of COVID-19 saw a surge of webinars being broadcasted all over our screens, bringing forward new questions, while inciting us to act together, as a whole, to ensure that the dramatic impact of the pandemic won't be everlasting, especially for the most vulnerable.

This is precisely what prompted GAIN to deliver every month an 'open doors' approach to a new, live streamed, webinar to look into some of the hot topics around food systems and malnutrition.

The GAIN Interview Cruncher series will feature our staff, from the engineers to the implementors and will offer a seat to the table to thought leaders in food and nutrition, as well as Governments officials and private sectors and youth representatives to discuss and tackle those topics together. Make sure to join us, and if you cannot make it, here are all the recordings!