Food Systems Dashboard

The Food Systems Dashboard (FSD) is the first tool that brings together country-level and subnational data across all components of food systems and provides deeper analysis and guidance on how to use this data in meaningful ways.

The FSD is organized around three main pillars: Describe, Diagnose, and Decide


The FSD brings together extant data for around 300 indicators to give users a complete view of food systems, including their drivers, components, and outcomes. These indicators come from over 40 sources, both public and private, including United Nations agencies, the World Bank, the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research (CGIAR), Euromonitor International, and cross-country project-based datasets. The FSD is continually being updated to include new indicators, growing from around 140 indicators when first launched in 2020 to around 300 today.



On the Country Profiles, a country’s performance is assessed for 39 diagnostic indicators that span food supply chains, food environments, nutrition and health outcomes, and environmental outcomes. For each indicator, countries are considered to be in the green, yellow (indicating a potential challenge area), or red (indicating a likely challenge area).



The FSD includes 87 polices and actions aimed at improving diets, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Stakeholders can explore and prioritise these actions based on the needs of their food systems.



The Country Dashboards

challenges, and decide on actions at the national level, having subnational data is key for decision making and food systems transformation. To meet this need, the FSD is working closely with partners to create Country Dashboards, which enable viewing data across subnational regions within a country—like states or districts—and provide similar visualisations and diagnostics as the Global FSD. The first Country Dashboards are being created in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Pakistan, covering almost one billion people.

  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Mozambique
  • Pakistan


All of the FSD’s resources (publications and reports, webinars and interviews, testimonial videos, etc) can be found on the FSD Resources Page.

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