Saskia Osendarp

Executive Director, Micronutrient Forum

Dr Osendarp, holds an MSc and PhD in Nutrition from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.

Since winning the Young Investigator Award in the late 1990s from the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, she has earned an impressive record of academic, public health and private sector research and innovation achievements.

She has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, scientific publications and book chapters, and has led cross-functional research teams on innovative products through public-private partnerships. Most recently, she led the NWGN, a multi-sectoral working group based in the Netherlands, to promote nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive approaches in evidence-informed development policies and strategies.

In addition, Dr Osendarp is Visiting Associate Professor Nutrition and Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries at Wageningen University.