GAIN Goes Green

In line with our Environment Strategy, we aim to do the following at COP27:

  • Highlight the need for coordinated and integrated action on climate and nutrition to prevent disastrous increases in food insecurity and malnutrition resulting from climate change
  • Support and contribute towards partnerships which support food systems transformation for nutrition and climate
  • Call for governments, businesses, NGOs, and consumers to take action to advance both nutrition and climate goals in several key areas including:
  • Developing integrated approaches to food, nutrition, and climate policymaking, for example by incorporating diets and consumption into NDCs
  • Reducing food loss and waste to increase the consumption of nutritious foods and decrease their emissions
  • Promoting a healthy and sustainable diet, accounting for the needs of consumers in low- and middle-income countries
  • Investing in adaptation measures to diversify the foods we consume and scale-up the use of resilient and biofortified crops
  • Financing SMEs to improve their ability to provide nutritious and sustainable food to consumers in low- and middle-income countries