GAIN Briefing Paper Series 11 - Influential policies and legislation supporting workforce nutrition

There is a continued need to address the multifaceted global malnutrition burden. The workplace offers an opportunity to increase access to and knowledge about healthy diets among employed adults. Workplaces are an integral part of our economic and social contexts and are governed by national employment policies and legislation.

GAIN undertook an assessment of existing workforce nutrition-related policies to identify opportunities for improvement and generate insights into how policymakers and other policy stakeholders can contribute to healthier work environments. This briefing paper summarises the findings of a cross-cutting policy assessment for 12 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Each country has a unique policy and legislative environment, but there are also patterns across countries and regions.

Each country has existing policies that would at least partially fulfil one or multiple parameters within each of the four pillars of the Workforce Nutrition framework (Healthy Food at Work, Nutrition Education, Nutrition-focused Health Checks, and Breastfeeding Support). Similarly, each country has opportunities to further employer-driven approaches for improving nutrition among worker populations.

The paper concludes by emphasising the potential of concerted action and how countries can further foster stronger workforce nutrition standards.