Episode 11 : New Commitments, New Partnerships, New Solutions

In this episode of Bite the Talk – New Commitments, New Partnerships, New Solutions – we hear again from GAIN's Executive Director, Dr. Lawrence Haddad. We last spoke to Lawrence in mid-2021 just before the Pre-summit of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS). Now we hear from him about his experiences with major moments on the Food Systems landscape in the last year, like the UNFSS which took place in September 2021, and the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit which occurred in December 2021. 

Lawrence shares his reflections about things that he's found surprising in the last year, and what he feels we need to do to keep the momentum going on food systems transformation into 2022. Outcomes in terms of commitments made by various stakeholders at N4G and UNFSS are discussed, and Lawrence looks forward to 2022 as a major year to set in motion some of these commitments and to bring Food Systems thinking to the fore in our work to tackle universal goals for healthier people and planet. 

2022 is also a milestone for GAIN – it’s GAIN's 20th anniversary year, and Lawrence discusses what this means for GAIN and partners. Finally, we hear about Lawrence's New Year's resolution regarding food. Tune in to find out more!