Episode 03 : A closer look into children's diets

Time and time again we hear about the critical nutritional status of children and the serious consequences a poor diet can have in the future of a child. We have often talked about the first "1000 days" or the "under 5" as crucial windows of opportunity to positively impact the growth of a child by guaranteeing a healthy and diverse diet, making it a life-long difference in the child's future. While the strong correlation between a poor diet and negative health consequences of an individual is widely understood, the same question remains relevant: how can we ensure children have access to healthy and nutritious foods?

In this new podcast episode, our guests Miriam Shindler, GAIN's Programme Lead on the Better Diets for Children Programme, and Abenezer Feleke, Marketing and Behaviour Communication Change Specialist, help us answer part of that question. We discuss all the different layers of complexity that need to be accounted for in their daily work in order to ensure malnutrition is not part of the picture in children's development. 

Tune in to Episode 03 of Bite the Talk: "A closer look into children's diets" to discover why it was necessary to shift to a food systems perspective in order to tackle malnutrition at early stages in life.

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