7th Annual Nutrition Summit 2022

New Delhi, 6 May 2022 - 

On 28th - 29th April, GAIN presented our Biofortification work, and our programme on the Commercialisation of Biofortified Foods at the 7th Annual Nutrition Summit 2022.

The objective of the talk was to sensitise the industry on biofortification, updates on policy and environment in India and most importantly, intrigue the private players – SMEs and larger businesses - for adopting biofortified foods as a product offering. Most of the organizations such as Piramal, Hexagon, ITC and more (see event flyer below) are already working with GAIN on Large Scale Food Fortification, and were excited to learn about biofortification, and its commercial scope.

There was a discussion around the complementarity of industrial and biofortification and the scope of including biofortification in the existing production lines of food processing companies.  

7th Annual India Nutrition Summit

The 7th Annual India Nutrition Summit Group photo

The industries found it to be a novel and emerging area as some of the industries expressed their desire to work with GAIN on a pilot scale. What is interesting to note is that coming from GAIN, an organization that has advocated for fortification for so long in India, the industry had a level of trust and confidence in GAIN, for a new strategy – to address malnutrition, and a viable commercial opportunity for them to work on.