SUN Business Network (SBN)

SUN Business Network (SBN)

The SUN Business Network (SBN) is the private sector branch of this movement and aims to support businesses in growing the role they play in nutrition – and support SUN countries to develop national business engagement strategies. The SBN seeks to support SUN countries to build networks with business which will increase the availability and affordability of nutritious and safe foods to low-income consumers.

At the global level, the SBN matches companies with country partners – and in-country the SBN brings business together with all stakeholders to identify opportunities to act and invest in nutrition – all in line with SUN government nutrition priorities.

The key activities of the SBN, at global and national level, are to: 

  • Convene: provide forums for business to engage government, civil society, UN agencies and donors. 
  • Assess: identify what support businesses need to act and invest in nutrition.
  • Facilitate: establish partnerships with multinational companies and global businesses to support the technical assistance, finance and business development service needs of national SBNs in the areas of demand creation, access and promotion of market incentives, rules and regulations to encourage the production and consumption of nutritious and safe food.
  • Advocate: for a change in market incentives for businesses to scale up nutrition.

The SBN global team will support 35 SUN countries in establishing national SBNs by the end of 2020. This includes support to the existing 16 national SBNs and the 19 SUN countries which have requested support from the SBN global team for the development of National SBNs. This support will largely be achieved through mobilising the country offices of GAIN and the WFP, as the global convenors of the SBN. 

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