Practical guidance to keep markets open and safe

Markets are central to any community: a place where people buy their food and other essential products, but markets are places where the COVID-19 virus can spread quickly.

GAIN launched a unique initiative: a communications toolkit that provides practical guidance to keep markets safe thanks to communication tools with tips tailored to customers, vendors and market authorities.

The toolkit includes short animations with hands-on guidance aimed at leveraging the power of social media and dissemination via mobile devices.

The posters, leaflets and training tools to be distributed and displayed at at markets together with a flexible toolkit that can be adapted to local requirements to ensure maximum local impact.

Together, we can make our markets safer.


These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons license 4.0. They may be used for non-commercial purposes and may be modified as needed (including re-branding). The original source (GAIN) must be acknowledged in all derivations.

The following series of visually engaging materials, including booklets, posters and short animations, are aimed to communicate the guidance on traditional food markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.