Frits van der Wal

Senior Policy Advisor, Food and Nutrition Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Frits van der Wal is senior policy advisor food and nutrition security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. After finishing his MSc in Agriculture with a specialisation in tropical soil science, hydro-geology and development economics in 1983 he worked in Africa for 18 years. This included the first nine years at various national soils institutions in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania. The second nine years as programme manager in rural integrated development programs in Tanzania.

Since 2001 Frits van der Wal is based in The Hague and has been working consistently on three crucial themes for fostering sustainable economic development and food security in development countries: land governance, nutrition and vocational training.

He provides advice and support to embassies worldwide on these themes and is strategic partner of organisations like the International Land Coalition (ILC) in Rome, the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) in Nairobi and to GAIN.