Dr Amadou Lamine Gueye

Regional Food Fortification Program Manager, Helen Keller Intl – Regional Office

Dr. Guèye holds a PhD in Nutrition and over 12-years of professional experience in international nutrition and health programs in developing countries. His areas of expertise include implementing evidence-based interventions to address micronutrient deficiencies.

From 2007 to 2011, Dr Guèye was Helen Keller Intl’s Food Fortification Program Coordinator for Senegal and provided technical assistance to Senegal’s Food Fortification Alliance (COSFAM) for implementing wheat flour and edible oil fortification interventions. He also coordinated the project "Responding to the Food Price Crisis by Accelerating Vitamin and Mineral Fortification of Staples: Senegal and Mauritania".

At regional level, Dr. Gueye played an active role in the implementation of the “Faire Tache d’huile” project, a multi-partner initiative for fortifying cooking oil with vitamin A in eight West African countries.

Since 2019, Dr Guèye is Helen Keller Intl’s Regional Food Fortification Program Manager, providing strategic leadership to food fortification initiatives in Africa, including policy dialogues and research on the potential to fortify Bouillon (a condiment) with micronutrients.