Weathering the pandemic to build back better - Addendum of options for supporting SMEs in Nigeria

This document is an Addendum to the Global Options Paper, Weathering the Pandemic to Build Back Better: Options for Supporting SMEs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The Global Options Paper is a rapid review and analysis of the challenges facing agri-food SMEs and the interventions stakeholders have implemented to support those businesses. While this Addendum offers a synopsis of the methodology and findings of the Global Options Paper, it is intended to be read as a complement to the Global Options Paper rather than as a stand-alone document.

This Addendum applies the findings of the Global Options Paper to the Nigerian context. It presents an overview of how the Nigerian food system has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, summarises the interventions implemented, identifies gaps in the response to the crisis, and offers four options for priority actors to support agri-food SMEs in Nigeria. While it seeks to be as comprehensive as possible, the findings should be viewed as applied analysis, and any findings offered in this Addendum should be further validated by field research before being acted upon.