The GAIN office in Denmark represents GAIN in the Nordic countries. Activities include resource mobilisation, programme development, and implementation of initiatives - in collaboration with partners from the Nordic countries. 

GAIN is involved in identifying new opportunities, ideas, and partners, and in developing and implementing new concepts and pilot projects. Innovation is a key focus area for the Nordic office: new technologies and business models are constantly being tested and refined so that local food systems can improve access to more nutritious, safe, tasty, and affordable food for low-income consumers.

GAIN recognises that Nordic companies and other organisations have unique food sector competencies that are underutilised globally. This is a missed opportunity.

In order to leverage Nordic expertise to create nutritious food supply and build stronger value chains in emerging markets, in 2015 the Nordic Alliance was launched by GAIN and its partners - Arla Food Ingredients, Confederation of Danish Industry, DanChurchAid, Karl Pedersen og Hustrus Industrifond, and Tetrapak. An example of a project initiated by the GAIN Nordic office - with support from the Denmark’s development cooperation (Danida) – is the “Access to Better Diary” project in Ethiopia. The goal is to provide a healthy alternative for snacking for children and mothers.