NC Africa- Setting the Scene: Nutrition Outlook 2022.

NC Africa- Setting the Scene: Nutrition Outlook 2022.

The recently released Global Nutrition Report shows that current progress on nutrition is woefully inadequate. The COVID 19 pandemic has further worsened the situation with livelihoods and sources of income greatly affected. One of the reports key findings is the need to greatly accelerate progress to meet global nutrition efforts by most countries. There is an urgent need to step up the fight against poor diets and malnutrition to tackle increasing levels of preventable ill health, deaths, and damage to the planet. Nutrition plays an important role in economic growth.

A well-nourished population is a healthy population which in turn results to economic growth. Coming off two major Food and Nutrition summits in 2021, the scene has been set towards reducing hunger and malnutrition in all its forms.

Setting scene for the next 12 months, the webinar will bring together different stakeholders across the continent working towards, or interested in, providing solutions to malnutrition in the continent to highlight their priority areas towards building Africa’s Nutrition stability both at organizational and the continental level. Additionally, it will offer reflections into the opportunities and challenges that lie in meeting Africa’s nutrition targets under the Sustainable Development Goal 2, and which include ensuring universal access to nutritious food, end all forms of malnutrition.


  • Charles Opiyo- Influencing and Advocacy Manager, GAIN Kenya.
  • Donald Mavindidze - Africa Regional Director for HarvestPlus. 
  • Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo- CEO/Founder August Secrets Nigeria.